from Zafari by A.S. Swanski



Life is a safari Predators everywhere
And the nature is stunning but vulnerable
Don’t forget to take a gun with you
There might be someone attacking

Life is a safari
Will the animals survive
Will the trees survive
Will there be more roads
More human beings
Human needs
More dirt

Life is a safari
Happiness for the ones who own everything
It could be you

Safari Crash and burn
Rest assured not even the fittest survive
And until then we party
And have fun
So much fun


from Zafari, released November 4, 2014




A.S. Swanski Belgium

The music of European music maker A.S. Swanski has been said to move between cinematic krautrock, disturbing synthpop, post- punk and dark ambient.

The critically acclaimed Electro Noir was compared with artists like Kraftwerk, Faust, Devo, The Residents, Fad Gadget and Portishead, while 2014's Zafari at times reminds of Pink Floyd and Neu!

Deckare contains songs inspired by crime novels.
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