The Assassination EP

by A.S. Swanski

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With its mix of dark electronica, worldbeat, postpunk, dark ambient, industrial and politics, The Assassination gives you a glimpse of what happens in the world of A.S. Swanski.


released April 1, 2011

Written, Arranged and Produced by A.S. Swanski. Recorded in Sweden, 2010/2011.

Nova Kung Records, 2011.

Released under the Attribution Non Commercial Creative Commons license. Feel free to share this album, even on torrent sites, as long as you attribute the work to A.S. Swanski and don't use it for commercial purposes.




A.S. Swanski Sweden

The music of European music maker A.S. Swanski has been said to move between cinematic krautrock, disturbing synthpop, post- punk and dark ambient. His 2014 album Deckare contains songs inspired by Swedish crime novels.

The critically acclaimed predecessor Electro Noir was compared with the works of artists like Kraftwerk, Faust, Devo, The Residents, Björk, Fad Gadget and Portishead.
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Track Name: The Assassination
The world is changing and nothing ever changes
No one learns from history
and many people only care for others if they get some
kind of benefit from it

They don't like people with a tan who don't use solariums
They don't like people who celebrate with sheep
They don't like people who do not pray to the God of Rome
They don't like people with funny accents
They don't like people who do the work they don't want to do themselves
They want a kebab from someone who looks like them

And thus extreme right parties have become more influential
in Denmark, Austria, Belgium, all over Europe
There's a French president kicking out EU citizens because of ethnic reasons
There's a racist trying to rule the Netherlands
But no other fellow politician dares to call him a racist
Racism has become the same as politically correct
Even the Swedes have a problem now
Their extreme right branch wants to subsidize folk dance
and not put money into entartete Kunst

Maybe it's time to do to their extreme right mindset
what they want to do to others
It's time for The Assasination of Extreme Right by the Hero A.S. Swanski

It's time to live with people that care
It's time to share
It's time to listen to sounds that matter
Track Name: Surgeons
Surgeons must be very careful
When they take the knife!
Underneath their fine incisions
Stirs the Culprit -- Life!

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