by A.S. Swanski

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9-song compilation with new work, remixes, remasters and previously unreleased material. If you download this album or one of its tracks you automatically will receive updates about future releases.

You will also get handwritten lyrics, album art work and access to an exclusive video.


released October 12, 2012

Produced by A.S. Swanski

All songs written by A.S. Swanski except "DOA" (words: Effluence, music: A.S. Swanski) and "The Capture" (words: Paul Laurence Dunbar, music: A.S. Swanski).

Recorded 2010-2012, except "Tivoli", recorded 1998.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



A.S. Swanski Sweden

The music of European music maker A.S. Swanski has been said to move between cinematic krautrock, disturbing synthpop, post- punk and dark ambient. His 2014 album Deckare contains songs inspired by Swedish crime novels.

The critically acclaimed predecessor Electro Noir was compared with the works of artists like Kraftwerk, Faust, Devo, The Residents, Björk, Fad Gadget and Portishead.
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Track Name: Moscow Hearts (Putin Mix)
Red Blue Red Blue
Who am I going to

East West East West
Where can you find the best

Just look in my watery eyes, and see the lie
In darkness and sorrow we love and kiss goodbye

Left Right Left Right
My life is out of sight

Do it and do it and do it, forget our lives
This feeling that’s so close to death is what survives

East West East West
Which one will stand the test

Now please me and squeeze me and leave me
Now lump me and pump me and dump me
Track Name: The Capture
Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar.
Track Name: The Assassination V2
The world is changing and still nothing ever changes.
No one learns from history.
And no one cares what happens if there’s no tv camera showing it.

They don’t know about camps where torture is daily routine.
They don’t know about rooms where inmates are tested for suffocating gas.
They don’t know about guards that hang prisoners on bars just for fun.
They don’t know about meals of 50 grams of corn a day.
They don’t know about inmates forced to swallow mucus from guards.
Of babies buried alive or used for chemical experiments.
It still happens today.

Instead multinationals have launched joint ventures.
One day we will use smartphones produced by these inmates.
And we’ll be happy because they will be cheaper than ever.

And we’ll continue to refuse people who come from hell.
We will continue to ignore Camp 22.
It feels safe to be blind.

Maybe it's time we experience ourselves what happens to others.

It's time for the assassination of greed and self indulgence.
It's time to live with people that care.
It's time to share.
It's time to listen to sounds that matter.

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